The appellations of Château de Cabran​

Côtes de Provence

Provence, a sunny and timeless wine landscape

The Côtes de Provence evoke an idyllic landscape in the South of France, where the vines unfold under a generous sun and an azure sky. Between the Mediterranean and the Alps, undulating hills and volcanic soils created an environment suitable for growing vines thousands of years ago.(Excuse our chauvinism but our pompous title set the tone!)

Rosé, a Mediterranean 'art de vivre'

Elegant and trendy, rosé embodies the art of living in our region. It has become our own local speciality thanks to a climate, soils and grape varieties, such as Grenache, Syrah and especially Mourvèdre, perfectly suited to the production of this wine.

Grâce aussi à ses vignerons qui maîtrisent parfaitement les spécificités propres à la vinification du rosé, qui nécessite autant de sensibilité que de technique.

But the Côtes de Provence appellation also offers a diverse range of red wines and white wines which deserve just as much attention. (You see where we're going with this... Our wines). 

Château de Cabran


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Côtes de Provence and Wine Tourism

The Côtes de Provence appellation is a popular destination for wine tourism enthusiasts. Beyond the picturesque landscapes of the Var and Bouches-du-Rhône, it seems that the wine estates here open more willingly than elsewhere their doors to curious visitors.

Guided tours in the vineyards and cellar, tastings, vintage festivals…Discover without further delay all the wine experiences (link soon) planned at Château de Cabran!

Fréjus appellation : little-known treasure of Provence

In the heart of Provence, between the Esterel massif and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, vines have thrived since Antiquity. The AOC Côtes de Provence Fréjus embodies an age-old wine specificity, shaped by centuries of history and millions of years of geology. Discover this appellation which already delights connoisseurs!

Fréjus, wine and the Romans

The wine-growing tradition of Fréjus dates back to Antiquity and was perpetuated and magnified by the influence of the Romans, in particular thanks to Senator Graecinus, originally from Fréjus and author of one of the first treatises on viticulture. When will there be an “Asterix among the independent winegrowers of Fréjus”?

Fréjus, a unique geological heritage

The Esterel massif, formed more than 250 million years ago, offers a spectacular red ochre landscape. The volcanic rocks give the land of Fréjus a specific minerality, made of turf and sandstone. Remarkable soils mix of clay, sand and stones, which the vine particularly likes.

Fréjus, a land bathed in sunshine, open to the winds

Mistral and Tramontana but also east wind and sea breeze sweep the terroir of Fréjus. These beneficial winds associated with more than 300 days of sunshine per year constitute a privileged microclimate, conducive to the production of wines of great complexity.

A small appellation reserved for great wines

The Fréjus appellation notably requires very low yields, guarantees of concentrated juice and intense aromas. It also involves the use of typical grape varieties, such as Tibouren, the cultivation of which is particularly difficult.These drastic conditions allow the production of wines with strong expression. The Côtes de Provence Fréjus appellation currently hosts six winegrowers located in Fréjus, Le Muy and Le Puget-sur-Argens.

And Fréjus in a bottle?

Fréjus wines are powerful, elegant and have an astonishing capacity for conservation. Whether to celebrate a special moment or simply to savor the fruit of ancestral know-how, Fréjus wines promise an unforgettable taste experience.

Our Fréjus appellation wines